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Does your enterprise translate loads of documents on a regular basis? Need to scale up or systematize your recurring work?
High quality
We have re-thought the audio translation process for the internet-age and designed our audio translation system from scratch to produce the best quality translation at the least cost and effort.
We like to offer our clients the best value for their money. Reduce your spend, scale operations and boost productivity for all your business projects.
With 20,000+ translators in all time zones, we provide human translations at machine-like speed. We translate over 250,000 words per day.

Features and benefits

Integrated technology
GoTranscript's simple but powerful platform has built-in translation tools such as automated grammar check, terminology management to guarantee high quality, consistency and speed. Also using our API you can send audio files straight from you website.
Quality assurance
Through proprietary testing, spot-checking and peer review, we ensure high quality translations at scale. Our numbers prove it: 205638 Hours translated since 2005, with more than 98.3% of jobs approved by our customers.
Dedicated translation teams
Our professional services team is dedicated to managing complex translation projects from large enterprise clients. No matter the project type, size or urgency, we can create custom timelines and translator teams to meet your project's exact needs.

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You can get even more from our platform. Schedule a personal walkthrough with one of our experts to learn how your business can benefit.
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