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At GoTranscript, our professional legal transcriptionists have many years of experience with legal audio transcription and video transcription. Whether you're an attorney, private investigator, or otherwise employed in the field or law or criminal justice, you can count on our legal transcription service to deliver what you need.

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The purpose of transcribing legal material

Legal transcriptions are a crucial part of many legal processes. By turning to a legal transcription company, you can free up your administrative staff for more complex jobs and make the most of your expense budget.

The legal transcriptionists at GoTranscript have tons of experience in legal transcription. These experts produce accurate documents every time and follow our very strict privacy policy when it comes to confidential information and court transcriptions. We are very well prepared for your legal transcription outsourcing.
What Is a Legal Transcriptionist?
Are you wondering, "What is a legal transcriptionist?" To understand this, you first need to know what legal transcription means. This work involves taking audio or video recordings of court hearings and turning them into a legible, properly prepared written transcript. It is not uncommon for lawyers and paralegals to review vast amounts of data when working on a case. Administrative assistants, detectives, and legal professionals can benefit from the ease of access to information legal transcription documents provide.
If necessary, translation of these documents into several languages also becomes possible. No two papers are the same. One cannot generalize about a document's origin, function, or content; each is one-of-a-kind. Consequently, there is no foolproof method for translating legal papers. Professional translation services, called legal transcriptionists, are the ones in charge of decoding legal documents with appropriate technical training due to the veritable importance these have.
How Does Legal Transcription Work?
Those who work as legal stenographers listen and watch court session recordings to type up what they hear, creating a written record in the process. Proper material formatting is essential for attorneys and legal professionals to find the necessary details.
Transcriptionists are in charge of transforming video and audio into text files. They then write down what they see and hear. The essential types of legal transcription for use in the legal field are literal and verbatim ones. When transcribing legal documents, you must not correct the grammar. Besides, every bit of ambient noise and nonverbal cues must make it into the official transcription. Further, legal transcribing should include pauses and filler words like "um," "err," "ah," "uh," and so on. Including all hesitations, delays, and false starts in the original recording in the final transcription is a must.
The market for legal transcribing services is expanding rapidly. Case briefs, files, client letters, interrogations, witness testimony, court proceedings, and depositions are some documents that legal transcribing services handle. Electronic court recorders store everything that happens in a legal courtroom. Transcription agencies use digital files, tapes, or videos in their audio to text or video to text processes to create a written record.
How Should You Invest in Legal Transcription?
Legal transcription online services have become increasingly popular among law firms worldwide. They have come to appreciate the time savings from outsourcing to a legal transcription service. Thanks to these, they can put that extra time toward other tasks necessary for the current cases they are working on. Clients favor the convenience of quickly finding the required data they need, all thanks to the work high-quality legal stenographers can put forward.

Transcriptionists are vital for a law company. Contracting the work to a third party in both time and money makes more sense. Since the service provider focuses solely on that aspect of the business, they can deliver transcripts quickly and accurately. As a result, the law company is better able to streamline its operations and devote its resources to the tasks that genuinely demand its skills.

Outsourcing this service to a quality company like GoTranscript can reduce the cost of these services. Think about it. Transcription expenses are less than the cost of engaging an employee to do transcription full-time. Because of their expertise, legal transcriptionists can do their work more quickly. They are familiar with the jargon used in the legal field.

Legal transcriptionists typing pace is lightning fast, and they always deliver files in the precise format required by your law practice. Legal transcription services also employ top-tier technology, stringent safety protocols, and seasoned experts to transcribe legal documents and protect the privacy of their client's legal documents. If your law firm is considering outsourcing its legal transcription needs, we at GoTranscript have ample experience in this field.
Why choose us for interview transcribing?
Confidential information
We are professional at handling confidential and sensitive information, and have set very high goals for our security measures. With GoTranscript our clients can be sure that their information will be protected at all costs.

All the information related to legal issues will be strongly protected from any leakage. We take pride in the safety of our clients, and the transcribers at our company are specifically trained to work with sensitive data.
Fast legal transcriptions
You can be sure that we will start working on your order as soon as we get it, our turnaround time is 6 - 12 hours. If there are any available transcribers, they start to work on new orders immediately. For the best efficiency, we divide the audio file into sections and give them to different specialists so that the job would be completed as soon as possible.

When all the pieces are transcribed, the operation manager puts all the text in one file to make a consistent and professional transcription.
Who Uses the Legal Transcription Services the Most?
Legal professionals, whether they be paralegals, attorneys, corporations, or law firms, need access to legal transcription services. Those in the legal field, including court reporters, attorneys, law offices, paralegals, and others, are the target audience for legal transcribing services. Legal professionals must be able to rely on word-for-word legal transcription free from any paraphrasing, alterations, or editing to offer their clients accurate information.

Transcriptions of video or audio recordings submitted as evidence or witness testimony are verbatim representations of the originals. Transcription services record almost all court systems proceedings to make them available to juries, defense counsels, and judges. Courts often play audio or video recordings alongside transcriptions to ensure no misunderstandings occur.
Benefits of Legal Transcription to Consumers
Millions of cases remain unresolved the world over. Independent attorneys and legal professionals can benefit from greater organization thanks to legal transcribing services. Attorneys can benefit from the highest quality document format available with the help of legal transcriptions. The attorneys can follow the progression of events and the flow of information with a proper document produced by a law transcriptionist, which includes timestamps and the speakers' names. Essential for building a case or spotting anomalies in witness statements, this data is always necessary.

Assisting lawyers by providing a written version of audio or video recordings may be possible thanks to legal transcription. Juries and other participants in the hearing or trial will find the transcription extremely helpful. It makes sure that the evidence supplied is communicated consistently to everyone. In doing so, misunderstandings are less likely to occur.

It is helpful to have a written transcription of the audio recording to emphasize the essential portions of a document. Legal transcribing is also a more efficient way to take notes. The transcription will help lawyers quickly identify relevant details and use that data to ask pertinent questions immediately. The process of uploading and reading a written text becomes simpler across devices thanks to the ability to get your resulting document in various file formats.

A written record is also more portable. The process of sending the file to another person becomes more streamlined and rapid. Legal transcriptions are invaluable tools for prosecuting attorneys in situations involving several witnesses and potentially contradicting police reports. Positive outcomes for both client and lawyer might be the result of using legal transcribing services.

Legal transcriptions allow loved ones who cannot be present in court to stay abreast of what is happening at trials and hearings. Transcribing court proceedings enables non-English speakers to gain insight into what was said and asked in a proceeding by accessing a translated transcript. Legal transcriptions are helpful not just for the deaf but also for those who are hard of hearing since they allow them to follow the trail without missing a beat.

Legal transcriptions simplify document cataloging, collecting, searching, and archiving. Legal firms can benefit from having documents already written out when moving from paper to digital files. In the event of an appeal, legal transcriptions are indispensable. They make it simpler to do research and develop a fresh approach. Appellants can supply an entire record beforehand to facilitate and speed up the appeal process.

Legal work procedures take a lot of time. Legal transcription services can help you save time, money, and effort. An experienced transcription agency like GoTranscript is familiar with the norms of the legal sector. Therefore, they can assist you in meeting your standards and maximizing the benefits to your practice and clientele.
Tasks Completed by Legal Transcriptionists
Transcriptionists with experience in the legal field will often use audio or video footage of the sessions as a basis for their written transcript. They do not have to be present in court to do their jobs, as court reporters do. Instead, they can use a regular office. Most importantly, legal transcriptionists perform different duties.

For instance, legal scribes may never set foot inside a courtroom because they rely on records of proceedings. They spend hours listening to these dictation recordings to collect the required information. A professional transcriber can create a reliable transcript by listening to and, sometimes, watching videos of the sessions. Examples of legal documents with unique formats include motions, memoranda, letters, and interrogatory transcripts.

Transcriptionists proofread the required content thoroughly. Since many experts may utilize legal transcripts as part of their case analysis, accuracy and clarity in writing are crucial. Transcriptionists in the legal field have the luxury of spending extra time editing their transcripts for clarity.

Depending on the nature of the case, a legal transcriber may need to employ additional software for the transcription process. However, it is crucial to remember that human effort is always superior and most accurate in transcribing compared to machine solutions. Here at GoTranscript, our work is entirely done by our staff of expert human transcribers. Our human workforce will always be ready with their experience and expertise to produce the most accurate and spotless text files your law firm requires to meet success.

Finally, there are a series of qualities that you should always look forward to when contracting a legal transcriptionist. These will help ensure the high standards of operation of your law firm while at the same time guaranteeing the handling of law cases goes in an expedited manner. These qualities are:
Excellent listening skills
A high level of listening ability is essential for a transcriptionist to transcribe the provided recordings accurately. To illustrate, let's say that a healthcare attorney has hired a transcriptionist to transcribe appeal documents. For example, if he mishears the co-payment amount and writes "$54" instead of "$354" in his transcript, the document will be wildly wrong, hurting his case with an error. We might therefore conclude that the ability to listen is crucial.
Understanding of the legal terms and their structure
Let us assume that the typist is giving it their full attention while listening to the tape, but she does not know many terminologies. Because of this, the ensuing legal paperwork will contain flaws. Words and phrases like "community rating" and "pre-existing condition" are unique to healthcare law. At the same time, "copyright ownership" and "trademark infringement" are terms used in the field of intellectual property law.

The transcriptionist needs to understand and correctly apply these terms. To draft documents following statutory requirements, one must have knowledge of legal proceedings and the legal system.
Excellent typing skills
Excellent proficiency with a computer keyboard is another helpful skill needed from legal transcribers. Meeting deadlines is important if the legal document needs a quick delivery for a court meeting. For instance, if RAC appeals are not submitted on time, it might lead to additional wait times for payments or possibly income loss.

The transcriptionist needs lightning-fast typing skills to accomplish this demand. A competent transcriber will be able to type quickly and accurately to produce a quality file on time.
Familiarity with the transcription tools
Using transcribing tools like recording software is essential for legal scribes, who must regularly draft legal deposition statements, memoranda, correspondence, briefs, and other documents. For this reason, most businesses that provide legal transcribing services today employ digital transcription software. However, most practitioners prefer human services because of their intelligence and capacity to accurately make human judgments and write.

However, some of the available programs have features that let transcribers hear a digital recording clearly and quickly transcribe documents with high accuracy in a short amount of time. For the most significant results, the transcriptionist should learn how to make the most of this software.
Good proofreading capacity
The transcriptionists act as legal assistants. Thus, they must be capable of proofreading legal documents accurately, which means being devoid of typos, misspellings, and other errors. To prepare court reports, the typist must offer accurate verbatim transcription following standard legal formatting guidelines. An incorrect statement might have a severe influence on the relevant legal issue even if only a single letter is wrong (such as "woman" and "women").

In most cases, a 99% accuracy rate is necessary for legal transcribing. The ability to edit, proofread and use grammar check and spell check are all essential skills for any transcriptionist who wants to create high-quality work for use in the legal profession.
What Is Legal Transcription Used For?
Transcriptions used in the judicial system accurately document events like those that took place in a courtroom. Lawyers and other legal professionals can use the documents for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Preparing trial questions for the witnesses
  • Readying for trials
  • Creating a strategy for case appeals
  • Knowing how to make sense of a court's ruling
  • Serving as a source of proof or evidence
  • Training by law students to research historical cases
Most lawyers would prefer to focus on their day-to-day duties than transcribing. To get their work done, they contact professional transcribing companies that are sure to help them. Nowadays, transcription help comes from various sources, the most common being freelancers and established legal transcription companies like us. Working with a reputable firm is in your best interest if you need work delivered accurately and professionally.

You can finally see the results you've been hoping for with the help of a professional legal transcription service. They can help you save time while at the same time adhering to the highest security standards to keep your documents safe. Transcription services allow you to devote your attention where it is most needed, making your work more effective and simplified.

Low prices for legal transcriptions

Our legal transcription rates below show how you can improve the efficiency of your operation by outsourcing your transcription jobs. Compared with other legal transcription companies, our rates are up to 60% lower. Learn more
Turnaround Time
Turnaround Time
Customer Loyalty Program
Customer Loyalty Program for 10000+ uploaded minutes
Loyalty Program
5-Day Service
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6-12 Hour Service
for 10000+ uploaded minutes
Captioning cost: add $0.40/minute
What Is the Turnaround Time for Legal Transcription Services Near Me?
Legal transcribing turnaround times might range. The standard turnaround time for legal transcription is between 24 and 48 hours. Completion and delivery of six hours are possible for urgent work. Additional rush orders can typically be completed in one to two days, depending on the scope of the work. It costs more to do things quickly. Customers who can wait six to ten business days for their transcriptions will receive a discount.
One to two weeks is a reasonable estimate; however, this could increase for larger projects or more data that require additional transcriptionists. When it comes to legal documents, time is money. The price could change based on the scope of the work you need. One-on-one or single-person interviews are the most cost-effective option.
Audio files with four or more speakers or recordings dealing with specific issues, such as panel discussions, focus groups, or specialized terminology, will have a larger fee due to their complexity. Translation, deposition transcription, and interpreting costs often exceed the initial estimate. A poorly translated document might doubt your allegations in court, which could cost you the case.
GoTranscript Is Here to Help With Your Legal Needs
Legal and law enforcement transcription providers are more cost-effective and convenient than hiring an in-house transcriber. Some corporations choose to keep their cases with their in-house counsels. However, individuals studying and practicing law will benefit greatly from forming a commercial collaboration with an excellent and reliable transcribing service to manage legal transcriptions.
Long-standing transcription agencies like GoTranscript can offer specialized services like medicolegal transcription, among other areas, to help your law firm settle a case efficiently and rapidly. Our team of experts is ready to help you with our own brand of expertise on legal transcriptions. Contact us now to bring your law firm to the next level!

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription service company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
Guaranteed security
We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA to be in line with robust business or academic requirements.
Human work only
We rely on people, not machines, to provide the best transcribing services with maximum accuracy.
Over 15 years in the business
New and returning international customers have trusted our transcription services with thousands of audio/video hours since 2005.
10,000 clients
One of the fastest-growing transcription services online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active clients.
20,000 staff members
The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
Transcription services near me
GoTranscript is always just a click away! Whether it's medical, business, legal, or academic transcription services – our specialists are always ready to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoTranscript's legal transcription service involves transcribing audio or video recordings related to legal proceedings, such as court hearings, depositions, and interviews.

GoTranscript offers a range of turnaround times for its legal transcription services, ranging from 5 days down to as fast as 6 hours with their "rush" option.

GoTranscript takes confidentiality very seriously and ensures the protection of client data and information through secure file transfer protocols and non-disclosure agreements signed by all transcribers.