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Main features

99% Accuracy
Our word-matching rate is among the highest in the transcription service industry. We select the best trained and experienced international transcriptionist to work on general and domain-specific content.
100% Human-Generated Transcriptions
Other low-cost agencies rely on machine-based transcription and miss out on high quality. Our technique enables the transcribers to hit near-perfect quality by typing every word.
Exceptional Quality Assurance
In our transcription service, we assure accuracy and reliability. We employ robust monitoring and feedback systems to track transcribers’ performance and retain the top talent.
Video transcription services
Audio transcription services
Video transcription services that are fast, easy, and affordable
Video transcription services are becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses, educators, and individuals use video to communicate information. These services convert the spoken words in a video into written text, making the information in the clip more accessible to a wider audience. Video transcription online services are perfect for business and educational purposes. Many different types of transcription services are available, including YouTube video transcription, Zoom video transcription, Microsoft video transcription, and Vimeo video transcript services. The transcription video-to-text software will only get you to a certain point. It's much better to use human-based services, which are superior in creating transcripts, which you can use as subtitles, and closed captions. There are many benefits to using transcription video services, such as increased accessibility for the hearing impaired and improved search engine optimization. A video transcript and SEO performance have very strong links. With video transcribing services, you can upload a video and get a transcript within a stipulated turnaround time - as quickly as six hours, if necessary. So what are you waiting for? Check out our quick transcription service reviews to find out why we're the best. With so many advantages in store, it is no wonder that they are becoming an essential tool for many. Get a video transcript today.
Key benefits of accurate audio transcription services
Audio transcription services convert audio recordings, such as interviews, podcast recordings, and audio notes, into written text. These services are useful for various industries, such as education, business, and media. There are many benefits to using audio transcription services or audio recording transcription services. Additionally, audiotape transcription services can help preserve valuable historical recordings by converting them into written text. Digital audio recording and transcription services are crucial for secretaries, marketing execs, healthcare professionals, and authors, just to name a few examples. Converting voice to text is simply a smarter way to work. Transcription of audio to text can serve a variety of purposes, such as for interviews, podcast episodes, and audio notes. Additionally, the use of audio tape transcription services can significantly improve the accessibility and usability of audio recordings, making the information contained in them more accessible to a broader audience. Our audio transcription rates vary according to language and length. Nonetheless, they're the most competitive in the market. That's why our clients stay loyal to us and rave about our services. If you are looking for a website to transcribe your audio recordings, GoTranscript is your answer. Our professional transcription services are performed by humans, guaranteeing precision.

Professional transcription online services for your industry

Convert your audio and video to text
  • Dissertations
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
Save on transcript services for your studies
Convert your audio and video to text
  • Interviews
  • Video content
  • Podcasts
  • Documentaries
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Convert your audio and video to text
  • Meetings
  • Video content
  • Phone calls
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Convert your audio and video to text
  • Hearings
  • Arbitration
  • Court Transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Evidence
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Convert your audio and video to text
  • Reports
  • Medical History
  • Research Interviews
  • Consultations
  • Discharge Summaries
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Many more
Convert your audio and video to text
  • Religious Sermons
  • Investor Meetings
  • Public Speeches
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Our 4-step process guarantees maximum accuracy

1. Transcription
The submitted files are divided into sections and transcribed by a selection of professional transcriptionists.
2. Review
Transcriptions of the sections are carefully reviewed for general quality assurance prior to proofreading.
3. Proofreading
Sections are proof-read by experienced editors. Timestamps and speaker tracking are added.
4. Quality check
Review and several edits enable us to offer top quality and accuracy to meet the accuracy of 99%.
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Security, privacy, and confidentiality guarantee: 2048-bit SSL encryption, NDA protection

We are multilingual

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What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription service company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
Guaranteed security
We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA to be in line with robust business or academic requirements.
Human work only
We rely on people, not machines, to provide the best transcribing services with maximum accuracy.
Over 15 years in the business
New and returning international customers have trusted our transcription services with thousands of audio/video hours since 2005.
10,000 clients
One of the fastest-growing transcription services online, GoTranscript has over 10,000 active clients.
20,000 staff members
The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
Transcription services near me
GoTranscript is always just a click away! Whether it's medical, business, legal, or academic transcription services – our specialists are always ready to help.

Meet our dedicated project management team

The tireless, exacting work of our project managers enables us to maintain a client satisfaction rate of 98% year after year. They ensure that your project deliverables meet your quality requirements and deadlines.
My goal is to build relationships with our customers.
Thomas J.
I'm in charge of editing projects and improving on them.
Christine L.
My team and I focus on improving the service experience.
Mycah D.
I focus on improving customer satisfaction.
Paul T.

Transcription service rates

We are always doing our best to keep unbeatable price offerings for the top quality of our online transcriptions. Our approach and constant improvement of our processes let our clients have a reliable partner with affordable pricing with secure, transparent, and fast quality service.
5-day service
$0.84 /min
Bulk Order Discount
<2500 minutes min
2500+ minutes min
5250+ minutes min
10000+ minutes min
Most popular
3-day service
$1.03 /min
Bulk Order Discount
<2500 minutes min
2500+ minutes min
5250+ minutes min
10000+ minutes min
1-day service
$1.22 /min
Bulk Order Discount
<2500 minutes min
2500+ minutes min
5250+ minutes min
10000+ minutes min
6-12 hour service
$2.34 /min
Bulk Order Discount
<2500 minutes min
2500+ minutes min
5250+ minutes min
10000+ minutes min

Other transcription services:

Customer loyalty program
We love our customers! Our Customer Loyalty Program is our way of thanking you for your business. Get the lowest prices around and enjoy special discounts, just by continuing to use our transcript service.
Customer Loyalty Program
Are your audio files gathering dust, untapped potential lying dormant? At GoTranscript, our professional transcription services bring clarity to the noise. We convert your valuable recordings into easy-to-read text, freeing your hands while fueling your brain. No more rewind hassles - make every word count with GoTranscript!
Lost in the chaos of jumbled recordings? GoTranscript's human transcription services can be your guiding light. We extract your words from the noise, crafting them into written gold. Make your content count with our precise, efficient service. Say goodbye to uncertainty, and hello to understanding with GoTranscript!

How can our audio and video to text transcription benefit you?

Who can benefit?

Audio transcription can benefit almost any business. Here are some of the top uses for transcription services today:

Our clients say nice things about us:

Verified Order
“ As a doctoral candidate with dyslexia, this service has been a lifesaver during my dissertation. ”
Yvette Regalado
Sep 29, 2023
Verified Order
“ Was positively surprised by the speed in which the order was completed. Received transcriptions of 6 interviews, 1h each, over night. Wow. Quality was good, too. Thanks. ”
Sep 29, 2023
Verified Order
“ I was very pleased with this service. I have tried AI services, and they just are not as clear. GoTranscript was able to sort out the speakers names, which absolutely surprised me. This and future GoTranscript transcriptions will lay a... ”
Oleah Morris, Royal Memoir at royalmemoir.com
Sep 27, 2023
Verified Order
“ Go Transcript is consistently the fastest and most accurate transcription service I have used. Easy interface and documents. ”
Sep 27, 2023
Verified Order
“ Very impressed with the service. Turned around a nearly 2 hour long interview I had conducted for my PhD research in much less time than expected. I had been using an online AI transcription service which was cheaper, but I was having... ”
Sep 26, 2023
Verified Order
“ GoTranscript did an excellent job transcribing our Spanish language interview. We look forward to using their services to transcribe our research interviews! ”
Andrea Buhler-Wassmann
Sep 25, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

We at GoTranscript completely understand the importance of accuracy in transcription. That's why we always aim for 99% accuracy. This percentage holds true across the board, from simple content to complex medical transcription services.

We start by hiring only the best. We then employ a system of reviews and checks to ensure quality and accuracy. Our staff have no less than 5 years of transcribing experience, so you can be sure your audio files are transcribed with great care and attention to detail.

All of our translators/transcribers sign a Confidentiality Agreement. We respect our clients privacy; therefore, we give clients the option to personally remove completed transcriptions from our database. The data is completely removed from the computers of our translators/transcribers as well.

Never. Speech-to-text programs can't achieve the quality our professional transcriptionists can.

The majority of our transcriptionists are based in the United Kingdom or United States and are native English speakers.

Yes. We love our customers! To show our appreciation for your patronage, we offer a Customer Loyalty Program. It's our way of thanking you. You can get the lowest prices around and enjoy special discounts just by continuing to use our services.
For our loyal customers, the price per audio minute can be as low as $0.84.
5% OFF for 2500+ uploaded minutes*
10% OFF for 5250+ uploaded minutes*
15% OFF for 10000+ uploaded minutes*
*Uploaded minutes calculated for all orders.

Low-quality audio has one or more of the following:
• Speakers talking over each other
• Interruptions
• Background noise
• A low-quality microphone
• A microphone that's far from the speaker(s)
We add $0.20 a minute for these more complex transcriptions and assign them to our more experienced Pro Transcribers to guarantee quality results.
Also, most of our English-language transcribers are based in the U.S. and U.K. An ESL speaker can be hard to decipher, as can even a thick Australian or South African accent. Please use this Pro Transcriber option for:
• Speaker(s) with a heavy accent
• Two or more different accents
Please be sure to click the 'Yes' radio button next to the 'Low-quality audio / Heavy accent' option on your order form. Choosing this option ahead of time ensures that you receive your completed file as quickly as possible.

It's the process of turning recorded audio into text. A transcriber listens to a recording or an audio track from a video and turns it into a formatted text document. The transcription is produced in the same language as the recording and stays true to the recorded speech and sound events. While stutters and false starts are omitted (except in full verbatim transcription), we do not summarize, paraphrase, or correct any grammar errors the speakers make.

We're unable to retrieve files if a website requires a password, a manual download, or other types of human interaction with the host. You can submit YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, BluCloud, Twitter, WeTransfer, Wistia, Zoom links. You can use other services as long as the URL leads to the file itself. If you're not sure if the URL leads directly to your file, all you need to do is try it out. Click the PASTE URL button, copy your link, and click ADD. If our system can't fetch your file, you'll get a notification.

Not by default. GoTranscript accepts a wide range of audio and video formats. We transcode those files to MP3 before our transcriptionists start working on them. They handle the audio portion of your material, but you can leave a note or get in touch with us if you need the video content transcribed.

The most significant influence on turnaround time is the audio quality of your recording. In most cases, challenging audio takes more time to transcribe. Things like heavy accents, lots of background noise, and highly technical content that requires lots of research usually take longer to transcribe than clear audio. Length of the recording also plays a factor here, and long files generally take more time.

The quality of your recording directly impacts the final transcript quality. For high-quality transcripts, clear audio with adequate volume and minimum background noise is a must. Here are a few simple tips you can follow to make sure your audio recording quality is top-notch!

Transcription is the process of converting spoken or recorded audio into written text. It works by having a trained transcriber listen to the audio, type out what is being said, and then proofread and edit the text to ensure accuracy.

The average turnaround time for transcription services can vary depending on the provider, but it typically ranges from 24 hours to a few days.

Clients can receive their transcripts via email or through the GoTranscript website, where they can be downloaded in a variety of file formats.

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