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Verbatim transcripts are special in their accuracy. The transcribed text contains each and every word and utterance in the audio recording, such as "yeah," "uh," and "hmm."

Transcription is a transformative process that involves turning speech into text. This conversion can be in audio to text or video to text, but the important part here is the conversion of speech into written content. Transcription can come in different formats, but let's talk about verbatim transcription.

Verbatim transcription turns all spoken words into text in a live recording or audio file. A verbatim transcript contains filler words, false beginnings, grammatical errors, and other verbal cues to provide a helpful context of the recorded scenario. There are two different types of verbatim transcription:

Clean Verbatim

Intelligent verbatim transcription records content without false starts, pauses, and extra speech that detract from the intended content of the speech. It gives you a neat script. This type of transcription focuses on tidying up what was said, not how or in what context.

Full Verbatim

Verbatim transcription records all words, including all false starts and errors, but removes breaks and repetitions for readability. Filler words such as "uh" and "ah" are out of the question for this type of literal transcription. It records every utterance in the speech. It's the best option for understanding the true essence of what was said in any context.

When Is Verbatim Transcription Important?

Verbatim transcripts provide context that edited transcripts do not. A true verbatim transcript includes non-speech sounds, so you can understand focus groups betters or cite sources. This type of speech-to-text conversion is especially useful when requesting legal transcriptions. There are several benefits of verbatim transcription. For example, it can work as objective evidence of something that happened. This kind of transcription helps you understand the emotional states and thought processes behind spoken words. Consider this, in audio files of police interrogations, verbal pauses and fillers may provide insight into a person's behavior. Before requesting a transcript from a service provider, it is essential to consider the type of transcript you need. So, why transcribe verbatim? Here are several instances where it is important to have a file transcribed verbatim:

Legal documents
Legal Documents
Courts will only accept verbatim transcripts as evidence or for investigation in court. The linguistic details included in some of the retrieved information can significantly impact the final outcome of a case. For courts, the content of statements, including other noises, fillers, and misspellings, is vital to establish the point of view of a case.
Research and focus groups
Research and Focus Group Studies
Understanding how people in focus groups respond to words and non-verbal sounds can help better understand how they think about the research topic. For example, hesitation in using fillers such as "hmm" when answering a question may indicate that the subject has concerns about an issue.
Direct Quoting
When quoting a person, whether online or offline, you should use their exact words. In this case, you can filter out non-speech noise, but you must be sure to capture the speaker's words exactly as they are said to avoid contextual errors and misunderstandings.
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research data seeks to capture the meaning and perception of an interview and the context in which it occurred. Verbatim transcription in qualitative research provides scripts that are easier to read and skim compared to audio files.
Hire a Professional Transcription Service for Your Needs
Many transcription companies out there often offer their services with different price ranges. Here at GoTranscript, we are proud to provide high-quality transcription services at affordable costs. Our positive feedback from thousands of happy customers online speaks for us. We are able to deliver accurate transcriptions with unbelievably fast turnaround times.

An experienced transcription company with experts familiar with industry-specific terminology is essential for an error-free verbatim transcription. A skilled typist can recognize human speech and environmental noise and transcribe it correctly. With that in mind, why don't you try our professional verbatim transcriptions services? We promise that our team of talented transcribers, editors, and staff members will impress you at every step of the process.
When should you use verbatim transcription services?
Good quality for a low price
Not everyone is able to work with verbatim transcriptions - it requires a lot of talent because the work does not contain only simple typing. The transcriber has to listen carefully and have a deep knowledge in the use of language, as well as the correct punctuation that would not impede the natural flow of a text.

Transcribers at GoTranscript are professional at verbatim transcriptions. Our accuracy is extremely high compared to other companies out there because we hire only professionals with experience. Learn more.
99% and higher accuracy
Because of our clear pricing system, you will know the exact cost of your transcription before the work starts. We have worked with a lot of projects and all the clients expressed their positivity towards our rates.

GoTranscript can be used by everyone, not only by business people who can spend their money carelessly.

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Our verbatim transcription rates below show how you can improve the efficiency of your operation by outsourcing your transcription jobs. Compared with other verbatim transcription companies, our rates are up to 60% lower. Learn more
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GoTranscript is a professional audio and video transcription service company, founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our team consists of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists. All staff members are carefully trained and certified. We review the quality of our audio transcription services regularly to ensure best-in-class results.
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The GoTranscript team includes nearly 20,000 professionally trained and certified transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists.
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GoTranscript is always just a click away! Whether it's medical, business, legal, or academic transcription services – our specialists are always ready to help.

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“ As a doctoral candidate with dyslexia, this service has been a lifesaver during my dissertation. ”
Yvette Regalado
Sep 29, 2023
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“ Was positively surprised by the speed in which the order was completed. Received transcriptions of 6 interviews, 1h each, over night. Wow. Quality was good, too. Thanks. ”
Sep 29, 2023
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“ I was very pleased with this service. I have tried AI services, and they just are not as clear. GoTranscript was able to sort out the speakers names, which absolutely surprised me. This and future GoTranscript transcriptions will lay a... ”
Oleah Morris, Royal Memoir at
Sep 27, 2023
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“ Go Transcript is consistently the fastest and most accurate transcription service I have used. Easy interface and documents. ”
Sep 27, 2023
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“ Very impressed with the service. Turned around a nearly 2 hour long interview I had conducted for my PhD research in much less time than expected. I had been using an online AI transcription service which was cheaper, but I was having... ”
Sep 26, 2023
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“ GoTranscript did an excellent job transcribing our Spanish language interview. We look forward to using their services to transcribe our research interviews! ”
Andrea Buhler-Wassmann
Sep 25, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Verbatim transcription is a type of transcription that captures all the verbal utterances, pauses, fillers, and background noises in an audio or video recording.

Verbatim transcription can be useful for legal, academic, or research purposes, where every word and nuance in the audio or video recording is important.

Yes, clients can request specific formatting and layout for their verbatim transcripts, such as font type and size, margins, and more.