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We live by the same principles as any successful startup: hustle, adapt, listen. Repeat!

Our start

GoTranscript was founded in 2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland. During that time, we discovered that audio transcription was a big pain point for both customers and transcribers. Customers had a hard time finding a high-quality and reliable transcription service. The transcribers had to spend undue amounts of time and effort to transcribe and struggled to maintain the quality when faced with large orders. We decided to focus on audio transcription and build a system that had quality checks and balances inbuilt into the process, minimized the manual effort required for transcription, and could handle large volumes.

Along the way

Products we’ve introduced since we started
We launched 12 products, all designed to save our customers valuable time and make our services more affordable to everyone.
Millions of minutes transcribed
We have transcribed almost 274 years!
Number of eclipses we’ve seen
The last one was on our 15th birthday!
Number of office dogs
Couldn’t have done it without our puppy pals!
Number of apps we’ve launched
Rather than carrying around a separate recording device, you can download a voice recording app to your phone. GoTranscript Mobile Application pairs convenient voice recording with simple transcription services, making it the best friend of journalists everywhere.

Our accomplishments

Our future goals

Our system is continuously under development and we are working round the clock to improve it. We are on a mission to build the world’s best transcription service and the best place to find audio transcription work.

Meet our dedicated project management team

The tireless, exacting work of our project managers enables us to maintain a client satisfaction rate of 98% year after year. They ensure that your project deliverables meet your quality requirements and deadlines.
My goal is to build relationships with our customers.
Thomas J.
I'm in charge of editing projects and improving on them.
Christine L.
My team and I focus on improving the service experience.
Mycah D.
I focus on improving customer satisfaction.
Paul T.
Our Customers
Top Priority
Customer experience is GoTranscript top priority. We put our customers first by focusing on comprehensive onboarding, constant guidance and dedicated 24/7 support.
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