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Operation Smile
Operation Smile
How GoTranscript's Global Team of Transcribers and Translators Helped Operation Smile Improve Storytelling in Both Written and Video Form
Thanks to GoTranscript's multilingual experts, Operation Smile was able to improve its transcription and translation efforts for video creation and feature writing processes.
Operation Smile
Operation Smile is a global surgical non-profit based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The organization creates solutions that deliver safe surgery for people where they need it the most. From a family-led mission, Operation Smile grew into a global network of individuals who share the belief that safe surgery is not a privilege but a human right. The organization is currently extending its programs to more than 30 countries.
Transcribe video and audio interviews to turn them into source materials for storytelling projects and editorials.
Operation Smile conducts a lot of interviews, each with up to 90 minutes of audio, that need to be transcribed or translated. These transcripts and translations are used to support the video creation process and feature writing. They provide the development and communications teams with content to further Operation Smile's vision and mission.

"I found GoTranscript when I was searching for a good web-based solution for translations and transcriptions," says John Streit, Managing Editor and Writer at Operation Smile. "I was impressed by how easy it is to use, as well as the clientele mentioned on the homepage. We've relied on GoTranscript ever since."
Assigning tasks to the best talent for clean and accurate transcripts and translations.
Operation Smile is active in over 30 countries, so their interviews often involve different accents and languages. Getting perfect transcripts and translations from content like that just isn't possible without the right talent and expertise. GoTranscript ensures every job falls into the right hands. That's the only way to provide complete and accurate end results without compromising the famous 99% accuracy guarantee.

Before being sent out, all transcripts and translations go through strict editing and proofreading. This gets rid of any remaining issues like mishears or missing fragments. Editors and proofreaders make sure everything is properly transcribed and accurately translated so the finished product is ready for use.
Operation Smile managed to save time for their development and communications staff, improve collaboration, and streamline content production.
"We use GoTranscript primarily to transcribe and translate video and audio interviews. This becomes source material for storytelling, mostly video and editorial," says John Streit. "So far, we've had countless hours of video footage both transcribed and translated. This allowed us to expedite the process and tell more complete stories in both video and written form. The content we produce helps our team grow our fundraising year-over-year in the middle of the pandemic."

Although the amount of content fluctuates depending on their needs, Operation Smile decided to rely on GoTranscript's services for all their future projects, improving lives around the world one smile at a time.
John Streit
Managing Editor and Writer, Operation Smile Global Headquarters
Website: Operation smile