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Meducom Health Inc.
Meducom Health Inc.
How Meducom Health Inc. Used GoTranscript's Swift Turnaround Time to Optimize the Video Creation Process and Finish Projects Faster
Thanks to the fastest turnaround time in the industry, Meducom Health Inc. can easily pick the best takes for their videos and significantly speed up the content creation process.
Meducom Health Inc.
Meducom Health Inc. is a pharmaceutical communication agency. It assists pharma companies with strategic planning, marketing material development, creating educational programs for healthcare professionals, and writing publications. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Meducom Health Inc. is focused on supporting educated strategic visions to achieve advanced healthcare outcomes.
Transcribe video footage to speed up the video creation process and make it easier for creatives to find and select the best takes more efficiently.
Meducom Health Inc. primarily deals with educational programs for healthcare professionals. Scrubbing through content to find the right segment can be a huge challenge when dealing with large amounts of video and different takes. Since text is searchable and a lot easier to scrub through than video or audio, Meducom Health Inc. uses GoTranscript's services to make things easier and focus on what they're famous for – creativity.

"We came across GoTranscript via Google, and our experience has been fantastic so far," says Andrea Tang, Account Manager at Meducom Health Inc. "Most of all, we like that the turnaround times for transcriptions are very quick."
Split up the video material into smaller chunks for the fastest transcription delivery without compromising accuracy.
Healthcare-related transcription requires the right expertise, especially when education is involved. GoTranscript understands this and ensures every order gets into the right hands. With transcribers who have years of experience in the industry under their belt, there's no room for errors of any kind, so each task goes through a rigorous editing and proofreading procedure to ensure the famous 99% accuracy.
Meducom Health Inc. saves significant amounts of time in content production and speeds up the content creation process.
"We can optimize the workflow because GoTranscript's turnaround is very quick, often saving up to two days for us. Given the quick turnaround times, we've been going back to GoTranscript for all our transcription needs," says Andrea T.

"The main service we use is transcription. Given our industry, scientific language and terminology are an integral part of the content. Occasionally we need to add French captions or subtitles to a video for our French audience in Canada, so GoTranscript also helps us with that. It turned out to be a perfect fit for us. The amount of work varies depending on the number of projects we're working on at any given time. We transcribe about two hours of footage per month on average and look forward to cooperating on new projects in the future."
Andrea Tang
Account Manager
Website: Meducom Health Inc.