Case Study

Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd.
Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd.
How Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Uses GoTranscript's Service to Provide Transcription in Different Languages and Avoid Missing Deadlines
With the help of GoTranscript's global talent pool, Kurei Kikaku Jimusho doesn't have to worry about sudden spikes and can take care of every single order.
Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd.
Established in 1990, Kurei Kikaku Jimusho offers translation, transcription, and data entry services to its clients in Japan. They deal with different languages, from English to Korean, depending on their clients' requests.
Transcribe any extra work from Kurei Kikaku Jimusho in different languages with native speakers for flawless results.
A reliable transcription service is hard to find, especially if you don't understand the source material's language. The whole world is connected today, and transcription companies often get orders in languages they're not equipped to deal with. In situations like this, it's crucial to find a partner you can rely on at all times.

"We came across GoTranscript via Google," says Yoko Matsuo, head of the transcription department at Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd. "I was searching for Chinese, Korean, and German translation and found you. We previously worked with several freelance transcribers who are native English speakers, but they were not able to deal with other languages. We needed to find a transcription service for these languages at that time."
Employ GoTranscript's native Chinese, Korean, and German speakers to transcribe the materials from Kurei Kikaku Jimusho as needed.
Delivering accurate transcripts is what GoTranscript is best known for with its famed 99% accuracy. That's not the only thing that counts, though. Quick turnaround time and high reliability are just as important. GoTranscript knows this and treats all orders the same. Only native speakers can produce flawless transcripts, so GoTranscript only works with top experts from all areas of the world.

GoTranscript assigns each task to a native transcriber with the right background, depending on the industry. Once they're done, the work goes through a strict editing and proofreading process before getting marked as done. This winning formula never changes, regardless of the type of order and languages involved.
Kurei Kikaku Jimusho is able to meet their clients' needs and fulfill any orders that come in without compromising quality or stressing over getting too much work.
"In the beginning, we ordered transcripts in these less popular languages. Since we knew you could deal with English too, we decided to try that out as well," says Yoko Matsuo. "We like your service because we know you're always available, the quality is great, and your rates are very reasonable."

"GoTranscript helps us save time because we don't have to check if you're available. While the service does not save large amounts of time for us, knowing that you're always there when needed significantly reduces our stress since we know we can meet the needs of our clients and provide a high-quality service for them."

Since order spikes are an unpredictable thing, Kurei Kikaku Jimusho wasn't able to discuss the number of orders they make on GoTranscript. What they were more than happy to share is their satisfaction and excitement about cooperating in the future.
Yoko Matsuo
Head of the Transcription Department
Website: Kurei Kikaku Jimusho Co., Ltd