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Mediajuice Studios
Mediajuice Studios
How Mediajuice Studios used GoTranscript's services to improve their media navigation and streamline production.
Thanks to GoTranscript's 99% accuracy and fast turnaround times, Mediajuice Studios found a way to significantly speed up their internal media navigation practices and save time for the whole team.
Mediajuice Studios
With almost two decades in the business, Mediajuice Studios has worked on TV spots, sizzle reels, and trailers for industry giants such as Atari, Hasbro, Capcom, Activision, Microsoft, and countless others. Their main objective is delivering quality and ensuring every client gets promotional video content they'll be satisfied with.
Transcribe different types of video materials for faster and more convenient search efforts, which ultimately speeds up production and editing processes.
Turning audio and video into transcriptions, subtitles, and captions is crucial in the modern multimedia-oriented business world. From adverts and education materials to social media presence and websites, video content is more popular than ever. However, the main downside of video is the fact that it isn't scannable like text. Navigating through hours of content just to find a sentence you need takes infinitely more time than searching through a transcript.

"We found GoTranscript with a simple Google search for transcription services," says Brennan Ferguson, production team member at Mediajuice Studios. "We primarily deal with seated interviews from five minutes up to two hours each. Navigation through so much content was a massive challenge. GoTranscript's services make searching through media for keywords and phrases a lot faster and more convenient. This significantly speeds up the production process and saves large amounts of time for us."
Use the skilled transcribers with experience in different industries with strict editing and proofreading to produce transcripts that are uniform, easy to scan, and feature the famed 99% accuracy.
Creativity alone is not enough for a production company to stay ahead of the competition in the fast-evolving media world. There's no time to waste on mundane tasks. GoTranscript understands this and offers cost-effective solutions for turning all types of content into text. For Mediajuice Studios, this means seamless navigation and media management.

With quality as the primary objective, GoTranscript assigns every single task to transcribers with experience in multimedia. Just to ensure everything is in place, the work goes through a strict editing and proofreading process. This process is the same for all media types, ensuring the end result is nothing short of flawless.
Mediajuice Studios managed to significantly speed up their media navigation and indexing for a faster and more streamlined workflow.
"GoTranscript helped us save a significant amount of time we'd normally spend searching through content for relevant keywords and phrases," says Brennan. "This significantly speeds up our workflow, reduces delays, and allows us to focus on what we're famous for – our creativity."

While there's no way to determine the scope of work they'll need in the future, Mediajuice Studios is looking forward to working with GoTranscript and reaching new heights of success together.
Brennan Ferguson
Production team member
Website: Mediajuice Studios