Case Study

How Talkbridge uses GoTranscript's Global Talent Pool to Improve Their Business Operations Without Compromising Quality for Their Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's international team of experts, Talkbridge managed to maintain the quality of their services and provide a flawless experience for their clients.
Talkbridge is a translation services provider, mainly working with translation and proofreading work. They also offer transcription, interpretation, DTP, copywriting, file engineering, localization, and other services for their clients. The company has been expanding since entering the market over a decade ago.
Cover any excess work from Talkbridge to maintain their workflow without compromising quality.
As a translation company, Talkbridge deals with all sorts of orders, from translation to transcription and captioning as necessary. With the world getting smaller every day, the need for accurate translation and transcription (often in multiple languages) is constantly increasing. This type of service is crucial for any individual or company looking to do business in more than one region or expand to new markets.

"We came across GoTranscript through our Translators Management department. They're usually responsible for finding new suitable individuals or companies who can help us with our services," says Jelena Mraovic, Project Manager at Talkbridge. "We've started working with GoTranscript back in 2019, and I have nothing but the best possible experiences with the company. They're always available, willing to help, and ready to go an extra mile."
Use GoTranscript's global talent pool to find the person with the right language expertise for each order and ensure flawless quality of the completed work.
GoTranscript understands the importance of accurate transcription in the modern world. Although automatic solutions have come a long way, they still can't compare with experienced human translators. Only a person with the right knowledge of both the source and the target language can make sure every word, thought, and idea maintains its meaning and tone in the process.

The same focus on quality is maintained for transcription and captioning. GoTranscript assigns every task to individuals with the right background regardless of the language combinations. Finally, each order goes through rigorous editing and proofreading to ensure it's flawless before delivery.
Talkbridge managed to successfully deal with excess orders and maintain their growth without compromising quality and disappointing their clients.
"The fact that we can count on GoTranscript means a lot to us," says Jelena M. "If we don't have our freelancers available at the moment, we can simply outsource the work to them without worrying about what we'll get back. This saves a lot of time and positively impacts our business. If something happens to go wrong, we can always count on GoTranscript to make corrections even after a task has been completed. Besides, I really like working with Gintare. She's an excellent PM, very professional and just as friendly."

Since 2019, Talkbridge made hundreds of orders with GoTranscript – about 100.000 words translated and thousands of minutes transcribed and captioned in multiple languages. Although they don't have any set targets, their plan is to grow and expand with GoTranscript as a reliable partner.
Jelena Mraovic
Project Manager
Website: Talkbridge