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Next Level Racing
Next Level Racing
How GoTranscript's Translation Services Helped Next Level Racing Become a Recognizable Brand in the Global Market
With GoTranscript's expert translators in every corner of the world, Next Level Racing can support its international customers and communities in an authentic way.
Next Level Racing
Next Level Racing is a racing and flight simulation hardware manufacturer, a PlayStation licensee, and a Global Sales Partner with Thrustmaster. It's an award-winning brand focused on innovation and quality to meet the demands of the global market. Next Level Racing prides itself in challenging the industry with a passionate global team and world-class products available in over 40 countries.
Improve global brand recognition and offer support for customers in different languages and different regions.
Every business faces different barriers when launching its products in the global market. The most obvious one of these is adequate localization. Aside from perfect translation, localization aims to overcome cultural obstacles that may harm the brand image. With the right localization partner and strategy, a business can avoid any speed bumps and significantly speed up market penetration and growth.

"We found GoTranscript through Google. We were looking for a service that could help us serve and support our localized communities," says Mr. Kam Khadem, Head of Brand at Next Level Racing. "Our experience with GoTranscript was okay from the start and only got better over time."
Assign tasks to the most seasoned translators to ensure adequate localization with focus on any cultural barriers for each language.
High-quality localization requires the right expertise regardless of the source and target language. With this in mind, GoTranscript makes sure every order gets completed by translators with years of experience in the industry. There's no room for errors of any kind, so each task goes through strict content control to ensure flawless results.
Next Level Gaming is now able to prepare for global product launches and service their localized communities more efficiently.
"We need translation for different areas of our website, product boxes, and other materials," says Mr. Kam Khadem. "I can't really make an estimation, but we do a lot of business with GoTranscript. The service helps us make sure we're servicing our international community in an authentic way and sharing product information. We're able to make our products available in different countries and make our brand known worldwide."
Mr. Kam Khadem
Head of Brand
Website: Next Level Racing