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Corporate Reputation Company*
Corporate Reputation Company*
How GoTranscript's Team of Experts Helped Corporate Reputation Company Optimize Its Reputation Research Efforts
Thanks to GoTranscript's team of seasoned transcribers and translators, the company performs reputation research and analysis with significantly improved accuracy for more comprehensive reports.
Corporate Reputation Company*
With 20 years in the business, the company has been a true pioneer in reputation management, partnering with countless leading organizations globally and locally to help them better understand the importance and value of reputation. The company's work has a significant impact on the world of reputation, ensuring better decision-making for a more sustainable world.
*The information has been anonymized as requested by the client
Transcribe in-depth qualitative interviews in the context of brand reputation research for better research and analysis accuracy.
The company offers a wide range of services to help organizations promote and preserve their reputation among key stakeholders. The work involves a lot of conversations and interviews for reputation research. The insight gained from these conversations informs more comprehensive reports, so accurate transcripts are a must. The interviewers usually created notes while conducting these interviews, but the company decided to find a more efficient solution and reached out to GoTranscript.

"We conducted a quick search of transcription companies to compare offers,". "We decided to use GoTranscript mainly because of reasonable costs and attractive high-volume discounts. We also love the simplicity of the interface."
Assign transcription tasks to experts in corporate transcription to produce reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use transcriptions.
A comprehensive reputation management strategy is crucial for any business as it impacts how a company is viewed by stakeholders, clients, and the whole market. In the modern world, even the smallest flaws and errors can severely impact this precious asset. A reputation that took decades to build can be ruined in a matter of minutes without the right management.

Since the company's content focuses on brand reputation, GoTranscript makes sure every transcription is worked on by people with the right skill set and experience. There's no room for errors in corporate transcription, so accurate results are crucial to provide valuable research data and ensure accurate reports for analysis.
The company managed to speed up the process and gain more insight from the interviews thanks to more accurate and thorough transcripts.
"GoTranscript helped us be more comprehensive in our reports since we're able to capture the entirety of a conversation,". "Previously, our interviewers were live-typing notes as they conducted interviews. GoTranscript has helped us improve the accuracy of our research and analysis efforts based on the interviews that we conduct."

The interviews are conducted in English 90% of the time, but occasionally the company needs French, German, and Dutch transcripts. GoTranscript was able to provide the famous 99% accuracy regardless of the language, so the company became a regular client with about 50 hours of work per year, depending on the type of clients they work with.