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Enigma Communications
Enigma Communications
How Enigma Uses GoTranscript's Subtitling and Captioning Services to Offer Added Value and a Seamless Experience for Its Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's high-quality services and fast turnaround times, Enigma managed to provide a premium experience for its clients and take its service to the next level.
Enigma Communications, Newcastle, Australia
Enigma is a world-class independent creative agency with 30 years of experience under its belt. The company creates powerful and flexible ideas, providing strategy, planning, buying, and audience analysis. In its own words, it's a nimble team of good humans that is fused together with some of Australia's most successful brand and media talent
Offer accurate captions and SRT files for Enigma's clients with a quick turnaround without compromising content quality.
Captions have always been important for all types of content. With the recent rising popularity of new advertising channels and the way we consume ads, they're more pertinent than ever. The primary value of captions and subtitles is their ability to make video content more accessible to everyone. As video advertising popularity keeps growing, brands from different industries must keep captioning in mind and the benefits it provides for their marketing efforts.

"I found GoTranscript when a previous transcription service majorly inconvenienced us," says Grace, Production Coordinator at Enigma. "We needed captions and SRTs done as quickly as possible. We use GoTranscript's services to create burnt-in captions for client videos and SRT files which we also provide to our clients."
Use GoTranscript's industry experts to provide accurate captions and SRT files with uncompromising accuracy regardless of the content type.
In the fast-evolving marketing world, speed and attention to detail are equally important. GoTranscript understands this and offers highly reliable services with quick turnaround times and highly competitive pricing. For Enigma, this means adding captions to their content without wasting in-house resources.

With an equal emphasis on quality, GoTranscript assigns every captioning task to captioning experts with a background in marketing along with certified editors and proofreaders. The attention to detail is the same regardless of language or content type, as it's the only way to ensure each caption is flawless.
Enigma got a reliable partner to help provide its clients with an added value while saving time and resources.
"GoTranscript has significantly helped us as we know we'll get transcripts back quickly and at a very affordable rate. We also know that if there are any errors or necessary changes, GoTranscript will be accommodating and fix it for us," says Grace. "The efficiency in which we receive captions back is another huge plus. Even if we ask for a 3-4 day turnaround, we usually get them back in 24 hours at no extra charge."

Enigma appreciates an eye for detail, especially in long-form videos, and good customer support. Grace also added, "Communication and responding to emails is the most important thing for us, especially when we need a quick turnaround. We only had a bit of back and forth with one job, but that was a miscommunication on my behalf."

The amount of orders Enigma makes on GoTranscript depends on the workload and clients' preferences. Although there's no way to provide any hard numbers, Grace said the company is looking forward to working together on new projects in the future.