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World Relief
World Relief
How GoTranscript's Global Team of Skilled Professionals helped World Relief Streamline Their Projects
Thanks to GoTranscript's experts in all corners of the world with rich language skills, World Relief managed to save time and optimize the workflow of different projects
World Relief
World Relief is a global humanitarian organization aiming to provide sustainable solutions to the world's most challenging problems – disasters, violence, poverty, oppression, and mass displacement. World Relief partners with local churches as well as community leaders worldwide to provide hope, transformation, and healing to those who are most vulnerable.
Transcribe Zoom interviews with people all over the world for easier editing and data extraction for different projects.
World Relief conducts a lot of Zoom interviews that need transcribing. These transcripts are used in a variety of ways. Those used for podcasts offer easier and faster editing. Navigating through text is incomparably faster and more convenient than going through an audio or video recording. Other transcripts get printed as Q&As, or they're used to gather information for other stories on World Relief's blog and newsletter.

"So far, I have really liked GoTranscript," says Rachel Clair. "The transcripts are always completed within the promised time-frame, and they are accurate. I also appreciate the fact that they're able to work with a variety of accents since we often have interviews with people from different parts of the world."
Assigning tasks to the best language experts in different parts of the world to ensure clean, accurate, and timely transcripts.
Since World Relief conducts interviews with people from all over the world, these recordings are bound to contain different accents or other languages besides English. Getting accurate results in this case is just not possible without the right transcribing talent. GoTranscript decided to call on its rich global pool of transcribers to ensure complete and accurate results without compromising its world-famous 99% accuracy guarantee.

The transcripts were then put together and edited and proofread by equally experienced editors and proofreaders to fix any remaining issues and missing fragments. They make sure everything gets transcribed, so the finished product is ready to use.
World Relief managed to save time for their staff on different projects and get people collaborating faster and more conveniently.
"I would say getting these transcripts saves our team anywhere from two to five hours per project, depending on its scope and complexity," says Rachel Clair. "We mainly use the transcripts to spread our company's information. We have staff who work from different parts of the world, so we need to be able to communicate what they're doing. Talking with them and having these interviews transcribed helps us do that faster and in a more convenient way. "

After trying out the services, World Relief decided to trust GoTranscript with all their future projects. The current amount of recorded content goes from 10 hours per year and is most likely to grow in the future.
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