Case Study

How MOSTLY AI Utilizes GoTranscript's Services to Streamline Planning and Cut Costs
Thanks to GoTranscript's certified transcription experts, MOSTLY AI is able to reach new audiences, optimize planning, and save significant amounts of time and money.
MOSTLY AI pioneered synthetic data generation for AI model development and software testing. Its synthetic data sets look just as real as a company's original customer data with just as many details but without the original personal data points – thus enabling companies like banks, financial institutions, and software developers to comply with privacy protection regulations such as GDPR, while ensuring AI models are fair and unbiased.
Transcribe podcasts, company videos, and product content to improve SEO, make content more accessible, and simplify reaching new audiences.
Podcasts are more popular than ever, with millions of people tuning in to learn, relax, and cut down on screen time. Providing a transcript with a podcast brings many benefits to the table, from vastly improved SEO to easier sharing and content repurposing. MOSTLY AI initially turned to AI-based transcription.

"When we launched the Data Democratization Podcast, we first used machine transcription services. While the transcription itself was fast, proofreading and editing took a crazy amount of time," says Agnes Fekete, Content Specialist at MOSTLY AI. "Now we simply outsource transcription tasks to GoTranscript and receive transcripts that are ready to go live."
Use the right in-house talent to provide high-quality transcripts of podcasts, as well as company and product videos.
Industry-specific transcription requires the right expertise – there's no way around it. GoTranscript understands this and ensures the most suitable talent handles each order. Thanks to transcribers experienced in working on technical content, GoTranscript can provide accurate, high-quality transcripts regardless of the topic. To secure the highest possible accuracy, every task goes through a strict editing and proofreading process.

"Podcast transcriptions make accessing audio content easier for search engines and audience members. Publishing transcripts is becoming an industry-standard in podcasting – episodes without transcripts are less likely to be linked to and quoted by others. As much as 69% of video content consumers watch videos with sound off," says Agnes Fekete. "We want to ensure that our video content gets the message across in all circumstances and is accessible to all audiences."
MOSTLY AI's audience is growing while the company improved every aspect of content creation.
"We publish 1-hour podcasts bi-weekly. On top of these, we use GoTranscript for captioning our company and product videos regularly. Our podcast's audience has been steadily growing since the introduction of transcripts, and the trend is expected to continue," Says Agnes Fekete.

"Due to the highly technical nature of our work, domain-level expertise is needed for the high-quality transcription of our podcasts and videos, which GoTranscript can easily provide on time and above expectations, saving as much as an entire day's worth of work per transcription in some cases. The client support service is also fast and reliable. Using GoTranscript for transcription has helped us improve the budget and content publication planning, as well as save time and reduce costs significantly."
Agnes Fekete
Content Specialist
Website: MOSTLY AI