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Bettle & Associates
Bettle & Associates
How GoTranscript Helped Bettle & Associates Optimize Workflow Without Hiring Additional Employees
Thanks to GoTranscript's top-of-the-line transcription services, Bettle & Associates saves significant amounts of time working on their video projects.
Bettle & Associates
Founded in 2002, Bettle & Associates sells ideas and their execution. With two decades in the industry, the company has developed a unique, strategically focused approach to marketing. This extraordinary team of creatives is more than comfortable with being held accountable for their results. Instead of simply making sure you spend your budget, Bettle & Associates treats every client's business and challenges as their own, offering a more innovative and more effective approach to marketing.
Find a reliable transcription partner to optimize video processing and navigation.
There's no way to imagine modern marketing without video content. With almost 90% of businesses worldwide using it as a marketing tool, video is more important than ever. However, navigating through video content during production is nowhere near as simple as searching through text, especially when you need to find a particular take, a statement, or a sentence of interest.

Bettle & Associates was searching for a way to turn their video content into text for easier navigation without hiring an employee (or more) to deal with it, so it reached out to GoTranscript."We needed to optimize our production process and simplify navigation through the content," says Simone Baird, Account Director at Bettle & Associates. "Sometimes we shoot video content for days, and navigating through it can be quite a challenge. We were looking to outsource transcription, and one of our colleagues recommended GoTranscript."
Use GoTranscript's quick and affordable transcription services to produce accurate video transcripts.
Outsourcing transcription allows businesses all over the world to save on the cost of in-house employees for this specific task. Instead of paying a full salary and benefits, a company can pay only for what needs to be transcribed. A business can upload video or audio content and get back a flawless transcription that's ready to use. Outsourcing is significantly cheaper, faster, and helps the existing employees speed up their work and concentrate on other tasks.
With GoTranscript, Bettle & Associates saves time and money while focusing on the creative side of things.
"Our orders go from 10-minute clips to full-day shooting. GoTranscript saves us a heap of time as we do not have people on staff who are particularly fast typers. Having a transcript of our videos is extremely handy when scrubbing through it," says Simone Baird. "The system is very easy to use, affordable, and accurate. On top of that, it allows us to focus on our own goals and tasks."

Bettle & Associates has been relying on GoTranscript for all its transcription needs since 2018, averaging around 20 transcription orders per year.
Simone Baird
Account Director
Website: Bettle & Associates