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Calvary Chapel Worship Center
Calvary Chapel Worship Center
How GoTranscript Helped Calvary Chapel Worship Center Use Transcriptions to Spread the Gospel in the Digital Age
Thanks to GoTranscript's world-famous transcription service, Calvary Chapel Worship Center saves time and improves outreach through SEO
Calvary Chapel Worship Center, Hillsboro, OR
Calvary Chapel Worship Center is a non-denominational Christian fellowship associated with the Calvary Chapel group of churches. It focuses on the teaching of the entire counsel of God's Word. Their worship tends towards a more contemporary Christian, the “modern” Christian, although they enjoy and honor the time-tested hymns of the faith.
Find a fast and reliable transcription service to optimize weekend sermon transcription so the staff can focus on other tasks.
Transcribing sermons offers significant benefits to a church. It's a great way to reach more people, develop an online presence, and add value to its message. Offering accurate sermon transcriptions online is a great way to make them available to those who weren't in attendance. More importantly, it can reach people beyond the church, nationally and internationally.

"We discovered GoTranscript through a Google search when we realized we need help with transcribing our weekend sermons," says Matthew Dodd, associate pastor at CCWC. "We're very happy with the cost, accuracy, and speed GoTranscript offers."
Use GoTranscript's team of sermon transcription experts to produce accurate sermon transcripts.
GoTranscript takes great pride in service quality, offering a 99% (or higher) accuracy even for the most challenging projects. When it comes to sermons, simply turning words into text is not enough. We understand that context and accuracy are critical and the message needs to be consistent and clear.

Our transcribers are trained in ecclesiastical studies to satisfy the most demanding standards to ensure no Bible verses are misheard and no religious concepts are taken out of context. Each sermon transcript goes through multiple rigorous checks before reaching the client to ensure it's a helpful resource that adds value to the church, congregation, and potential new members.
Calvary Chapel Worship Center can provide accurate sermon transcripts on its website, improve SEO, and spread its message more efficiently.
"GoTranscript helps our staff save time on transcribing our weekly sermons. The transcripts are a great way to promote our teachings and improve SEO by offering valuable weekly content," says Matthew Dodd. "Our primary mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help Christians mature in their faith. GoTranscript is a great partner because it allows us to help people learn more about God through Bible teaching."

Calvary Chapel Worship Center has used GoTranscript's services for years, with four sermons transcribed each month. In the words of Matthew Dodd, "GoTranscript is our only vendor. We're thrilled with the pricing, ease of uploading recordings, and the turnaround time.