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GPFour Inc.
GPFour Inc.
How GoTranscript Helped GPFour Inc. Expand While Optimizing Expenses
With GoTranscript's human-based services, GPFour Inc. managed to scale its operations and save significant amounts of time and money in the process.
GPFour Inc.
GPFour Inc. is dedicated to helping its clients effectively harvest knowledge. This is achieved in several ways, including through interviews. Interviews are an incredibly efficient way of capturing contextual knowledge and take less time compared to other methods. GPFour Inc. primarily focuses on the world's largest sports events, and their clients are primarily owners and organizers of these events.
Find a reliable and cost-effective transcription, translation, and captioning partner to optimize indexing and search efficiency as a core service.
GPFour Inc. stores interview videos (along with SRT files, text files, transcripts, and other related content) in a system which allows users to retrieve answers to questions. Accurate transcripts, translations, and captions are essential because the system simply wouldn't work without them.

The company handles a lot of interviews that feature thick accents and technical elements with specific terminology. After testing available automated services, the company realized these solutions simply couldn't provide adequate results. In 2016, they assessed several human-based transcription services in terms of pricing, quality, and turnaround times, with GoTranscript emerging as a clear winner. The rest is history, as they say.
Use GoTranscript's team of experts to produce top-quality transcripts, captions, and translations with a focus on accuracy while respecting deadlines.
Providing accurate translations and captions in a timely manner without sacrificing quality is crucial for companies like GPFour Inc. Thanks to GoTranscript's four-step process, each order is processed by team members with the necessary expertise. Then it goes through rigorous editing and proofreading to ensure maximum accuracy before being sent to the client.

"GoTranscript can turn around captions very rapidly at a reasonable cost," says Mr. Christian Napier, the founder of GPFour Inc. "We cannot transcribe all of the interviews we conduct. It's too time-consuming, and we're not professional transcriptionists. GoTranscript saves us well over a thousand hours per year."
Thanks to GoTranscript's 100% human-based services, GPFour Inc. saves time and money while ensuring their clients get flawless content.
"We also purchase about 250-300 hours of translation and subtitling for our non-English interviewers. Compared to other providers, GoTranscript saves us at least $100,000 per year," says Mr. Christian Napier. "It is by far the most cost-effective solution out there for human translation and subtitling."

GoTranscript helped GPFour Inc. scale its operation. The company is currently expanding into other types of interviews and plans to offer GoTranscript's services to all clients who could benefit from 100% human-based transcription and captioning services.
Mr. Christian Napier
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