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Legasee Educational Trust
Legasee Educational Trust
How Gotranscript Helped Legasee Preserve History at a Budget
Thanks to GoTranscript's industry-leading translation and subtitling services, Legasee preserves the valuable military heritage and makes it more accessible to students, teachers, and researchers.
Legasee Educational Trust
Legasee Educational Trust is a team of volunteers – filmmakers, designers, writers, and storytellers dedicating their time to capturing valuable military heritage. It offers a vast video archive of interviews with veterans of military conflict reaching as far back as 1939. It's the largest known freely available online video archive of British military veterans, ensuring the legacy and bravery of these individuals stays available for future generations.
Find a reliable transcription and subtitling partner to ensure the video content is available in text format for easier navigation and better accessibility.
As the great George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Legasee Educational Trust works with veterans to gather and present valuable first-hand experiences to educate the public on the effects of military activities. These experiences are captured on video for future generations. Also, Legasee Educational Trust develops projects to educate students and the general public.

The benefits of transcribing video or providing subtitles as an option are almost innumerable. The content becomes easily accessible for people with hearing disabilities and improves comprehension for non-native speakers. A transcript also enhances video search, boosts the content's rank in search engine results, and improves the overall user experience, bringing a broader audience to the content.

"I heard about GoTranscript from a friend who used the service for some broadcast transcribing," says Martin Bisiker, the founder of Legasee Educational Trust. "To date, my experiences have been pretty much faultless."
Use GoTranscript's team of expert transcriptionists and subtitlers to produce accurate transcripts and subtitles that are ready to use.
Charities often have a limited budget, so ensuring they get the most value for the price is critical. "As a charity, we need to be mindful of how we spend our money,",” says Martin Bisiker, the founder of Legasee Educational Trust. "We also use volunteers to transcribe, but when there's a need for a fast return without compromising quality, GoTranscript is a much faster and more reliable choice."

Outsourcing transcription and other language-related tasks saves significant amounts of time and money, so it's a perfect option for non-profits and charity organizations. Instead of relying on volunteers and spending resources on ensuring each word is where it should be, Legasse Educational Trust can simply upload the content and get back accurate transcripts and subtitles ready to use with their content.

GoTranscript understands the importance of accuracy, especially in areas as sensitive as historical content. Each order goes through a strict four-step process (transcription, editing, merging, proofreading) to ensure the highest possible accuracy and a flawless end result.
With GoTranscript, Legasee Educational Trust can offer transcripts along with video interviews to make the content more accessible and easier to find.
"We use transcripts and SRT subtitles for educational projects. It also helps improve the search functionality on our website and makes it easier for students, researchers, and everyone else to find the content they're interested in," says Martin Bisiker. "GoTranscript is our go-to destination."

While there's no way to determine the scope of upcoming orders, Martin confirmed that this cooperation will definitely continue. "We have an upcoming project on the Falklands where we budgeted 20 hours of transcription, along with some other interesting material."
Martin Bisiker
Founder & Trustee
Website: Legasee Educational Trust