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LPS Installation Company
LPS Installation Company
How GoTranscript Helped the Life Protection Systems Installation Company Optimize Its HR Department Operations
Thanks to GoTranscript's top-of-the-line transcription services, the company was able to streamline HR operations and improve record-keeping.
LPS Installation Company
The company installs and supplies life protection systems, including CCTV, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, intruder alarms, fire doors in the United Kingdom, Benelux, and Romania, working together with key life production systems manufacturers in the region.
Find a reliable transcription partner to optimize HR operations and record-keeping procedures.
The human resource department is usually at the front line in terms of protecting a business from disputes with employees. From dismissals and fraud investigations to disciplinaries, hearings, and meetings, HR does much more than candidate selection and preserving the company's reputation. This crucial part of modern enterprises can significantly benefit from transcription.

The company was looking for a way to create legally-relevant records while keeping the HR department compliant and avoiding risk, so it reached out to GoTranscript. "We needed a solution for keeping records of our HR meetings," says Emma, the Company's HR Manager. "We mostly deal with grievance, absence reasons, and redundancy situations. Our meetings often cover sensitive content, so GoTranscript's dedication to discretion and data protection also means a lot."
Use GoTranscript's expert transcribers and quick turnaround times to produce accurate meeting records.
Keeping meeting minutes usually requires a person dedicated to the task, which significantly reduces efficiency and focus. On top of that, it costs quite a bit more than outsourcing. With GoTranscript, HR teams can simply record the meeting and get back a flawless transcript. Outsourcing is faster, cheaper, and the department gets an accurate record of a meeting that's significantly easier to store, share, and navigate through than audio or meeting minutes.
Thanks to GoTranscript, the company's HR department saves a significant amount of time while focusing on what matters.
"GoTranscript offers a great service with a fantastic turnaround time," says Emma. "It saves quite a bit of time for the HR department and drastically improves the accuracy of our records. On top of that, our employees don't have to spend time on this area of their work, which often takes hours or even days, depending on the meeting duration."

After trying out transcription and the famed 99% accuracy, the company decided to rely on GoTranscript for all its HR meetings. At the moment, that's approximately 50 transcriptions per year. "We're very pleased with GoTranscript, the service quality, as well as the cost," says Emma.