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Odyssey Production
Odyssey Production
How GoTranscript Helped Odyssey Production Provide New Services to Their Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's reliable transcription, translation, and captioning services, Odyssey Production managed to expand its range of services and offer a complete final product to its clients.
Odyssey Production
Odyssey Production is a Canadian photography and video production company that established its reputation exclusively through referrals from satisfied clients. It focuses on documenting world-class events like the Ride for Heart, FanExpo Canada, Adventure Racing World Championships, and many others. Odyssey Production strives to offer the highest production value for clients in New Zealand, Fiji, the United Kingdom, the United States, and across Canada.
Include transcripts, captions, and translations as needed to provide a complete service for clients.
Transcription, translation, and captioning are essential components of modern video production. They play a critical role in making the content more accessible to a broader audience and covering multiple markets simultaneously. Odyssey Production deals with large clients who are present in different regions, so these types of requests are fairly common.

"I'm not sure how we found GoTranscript as it was several years ago. Before that, we had an outside cooperator that handled transcripts and captions, but we decided we needed a more reliable partner," says Chris Owen Halper, the owner of Odyssey Production. "GoTranscript turned out to be a perfect fit because it allows us to outsource these requests and focus on our core business."
Use GoTranscript's global team of transcription, translation, and captioning experts to create top-quality transcripts, translations, and captions for all types of content.
A lot goes on in video production. Certain clients have very specific demands when it comes to their content, so it can be challenging to keep track of everything, especially if a company doesn't have a dedicated transcription, translation, and captioning team. That's where outsourcing comes in! GoTranscript's employees have years of experience in dealing with different types of content, so each order gets the right expertise. On top of that, each order goes through a rigorous error-checking process to ensure 99% accuracy.

"Our clients occasionally request transcripts, captions, and translations for video editing, archive purposes, or accessibility," says Chris O. H. "Some of them have special requests, like syncing French text to an English video. GoTranscript has accommodated all these requests quickly and at a great price!"
Odyssey Production can now provide transcripts, translations, and captions as part of its services to ensure every client is satisfied with the content.
"Before using GoTranscript, I had to create closed caption files manually," says Chris O. H. "I love how much time it saves and the fact that I can just upload a video and get what I need within just 24 hours."

The number of orders Odyssey Production makes at GoTranscript depends on the clients and their projects.