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Media Company
Media Company
How a Media Company Used GoTranscript's Advanced Transcription Platform to Boost Content Value
By using GoTranscript's human-based transcription services, the company made its content easily accessible, increasing compliance and improving users' experience with the platform.
Media Company
The company provides content for its users, focusing on podcasts and videos.
Find a reliable, secure, and cost-effective transcription and caption service to optimize content delivery, increase compliance, and add value to the content.
Accessibility is crucial for all sorts of content. While audio and video are incredibly efficient and convenient formats, text ensures the information is presented accurately, helping audiences consume content at their own pace. It's also crucial for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and ESL speakers and makes it significantly easier to search through content.

Text is also search engine-friendly, which is critical for getting content in front of new audiences. Search engines can index text adequately, so video and audio content with included transcripts and captions rank significantly higher in search results.

Finally, confidentiality is a crucial concern when it comes to outsourcing transcription. Encryption, data retention, information security certification – all of these factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a transcription service.
Use GoTranscript's team of seasoned experts to produce accurate transcripts and captions with a focus on data safety and quick turnaround time.
Providing accurate transcripts and captions on time without compromising quality is critical for many companies, especially those focused on publicly available media. Thanks to GoTranscript's global talent pool, each order is processed by team members with the highest level of expertise. All content goes through a rigorous and highly secure quality control process to ensure the highest possible accuracy while upholding industry-leading data privacy practices.

"Our experience with GoTranscript has been excellent," said our contact at the company. "We've had consistently excellent customer service, reliable high-quality transcripts, and an affordable price. After starting with GoTranscript, we've been able to afford more transcriptions and increase our compliance and risk mitigation, on top of improving users' experience and access to content."
Thanks to GoTranscript's streamlined platform, the company can offer accurate transcripts and captions for its content, reaching new audiences without compromising security.
"We mostly use transcription, but occasionally we need captions and translations. In terms of volume, we spend about $40,000 yearly with GoTranscript," said our contact at the company. "Aside from transcripts for podcasts on our website, we sometimes need captions for our videos. We're trying to increase compliance, boost our SEO, and make the content more accessible."

"We want to grow internationally. I would say, as an estimation, that GoTranscript has an impact on our growth around 8-10% as it facilitates content fruition," says Cecilia R. Osteocom is currently present in the US, Canada, UK, and other European countries, and that's just the beginning.