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U.S. Wheat Associates
U.S. Wheat Associates
How GoTranscript Helped U.S. Wheat Associates Improve Communication With Clients, Partners, and Audiences Worldwide
Thanks to GoTranscript's full range of services, U.S. Wheat Associates can produce content in different languages without hiring in-house translators or compromising quality.
U.S. Wheat Associates, Arlington, Virginia
U.S. Wheat Associates is the export market development organization for the U.S. wheat industry. The company promotes the reliability, value, and quality of all six U.S. wheat classes to buyers, millers, food processors, bakers, and government officials in over 100 countries worldwide. USW proudly represents the hard-working farmers who produce enough wheat each year to fill American tables and supply a substantial share of the world's wheat trade.
Find a reliable translation and subtitling partner familiar with the industry to handle annual campaigns aimed at informing customers worldwide.
Translation allows effective communication with customers, partners, and other stakeholders, ensuring understanding, compliance, and consistency. After adding videos to their marketing communication activities, U.S. Wheat Associates identified the need for translated captions from English to different languages.

"We found GoTranscript by searching the web," said Steven J Mercer, VP of Communications at USW. "We tested the service by ordering a transcript from a short video and started using the service. Translations and subtitles became essential when COVID pandemic restrictions forced us to produce a series of videos on crop quality to support a major annual campaign, and GoTranscript delivered!"
Use GoTranscript's experienced translators to produce translations and subtitles for videos without compromising deadlines and the production schedule.
The key objective of translation, regardless of the source material, is to maintain consistency across different languages and cultures. When dealing with industry-specific content, it's essential to have the right expertise and experience. With more than 20,000 active members worldwide, GoTranscript was able to provide the most suitable talent to meet USW's needs and ensure their message remains clear across the globe.

As Mr. Mercer stated, "USW orders subtitles in French, Italian, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Arabic. The service provides us with time-coded SRT files, which are reviewed by our staff and translation consultants. Terms and phrases used in our industry are unique. Still, GoTranscript has been able to work with the background material easily and offer thorough support through a dedicated account representative."
U.S. Wheat Associates can develop its annual crop quality campaign along with other content for foreign clients and save time while also ensuring consistency over all target languages.
"We have two main audiences - American wheat production and supply system participants and overseas flour millers, wheat food producers, and government officials," says Mr. Mercer. "For the past three years, we have produced video presentations as part of the campaign and used GoTranscript for other marketing videos."

"In addition to translations, we're pleased to work with a dedicated account representative. This helped us save money because we were able to identify the most cost-efficient option before starting work on the campaign. GoTranscript's service allowed us to replace other, more expensive and slower translation options. We're happy with the service and would strongly recommend it."
Steven J. Mercer
Vice President of Communications
Website: U.S. Wheat Associates, Arlington, Virginia