Case Study

How GoTranscript Helped KodeKloud Improve Accessibility and Knowledge Transfer
With GoTranscript's human-based services, KodeKloud can offer an accessible and convenient learning experience to a global audience.
KodeKloud is a DevOps e-learning platform that helps both students and IT professionals upskill their careers with the in-demand DevOps tools and technologies. It focuses on education quality and the learning experience, ensuring the students don't just learn the theory but gain a thorough understanding of the technology through practice.
Find a reliable and cost-effective partner to caption learning content.
Captions play an essential role in learning for several reasons. Firstly, they provide access to educational content for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Secondly, they help learners understand the content more effectively, especially if they're non-native speakers. Captions also help reinforce the content's key concepts and increase the overall effectiveness of the learning experience.

KodeKloud needed a reliable partner to add accurate captions to learning materials so the company's global audience could more clearly grasp the content. "We googled different transcription services and tried a few," said Mr. Shafaq Khan, Project Manager at KodeKloud. "Out of the ones we tested, GoTranscript was a clear winner. It's easy to use and offers a great turnaround time."
Use GoTranscript's team of experts to produce high-quality captions with a focus on accuracy and fast turnaround.
Accuracy is essential for companies like KodeKloud due to its diverse range of learners in all corners of the world. GoTranscript understands this and ensures that each order ends up with the most qualified team members who have the necessary expertise. Aside from transcription, all orders go through rigorous editing and proofreading to ensure maximum accuracy without compromising the client's deadline.

"Our user base is global, and not everyone is a native English speaker," said Mr. Khan. "All our courses are in English, so we use GoTranscript's service to provide captions and help our users grasp the details spoken by the trainer more clearly."
Thanks to GoTranscript's captioning service, KodeKloud can rely on accurate and timely captions for its content without hiring additional employees.
Mr. Khan also added, "We only use the captioning service, mainly the five-day turnaround, with over 150 hours of videos being captioned every year. GoTranscript always delivers on time, and we're really satisfied with the service."

KodeKloud has been a satisfied GoTranscript client since 2020, with over $20,000 spent on our services.
Mr. Shafaq Khan
Project Manager
Website: KodeKloud