Case Study

How Boffin Used GoTranscript's Advanced Transcription Platform to Boost Content Value
By using GoTranscript's top-notch transcription and captioning services, Boffin can speed up internal processes, save time, and meet clients' requirements more efficiently.
Boffin Language Group
Boffin was founded in 1996 by IT and software development veterans as one of China's first translation and localization service providers. The company started translating manuals and software UI in a single local language. Today, it has an impressive track record of over 400 million words transcribed and over 55 supported language combinations. The company works on translation and localization-related services with many companies in Asia, Europe, and the United States.
Find a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient transcription and caption service to optimize workflow, add value to the content, and save time and resources.
Localization has turned from an option to a necessity, a crucial part of the development strategy for any brand that aims to survive abroad. By localizing different types of content, businesses ensure market expansion, sales growth, and increased customer satisfaction, regardless of their industry.

Boffin built its reputation as a customer-centric organization focusing on top standards and building a track record of reliable workflow and efficient project management. To ensure the quality of their services and reputation do not suffer, Boffin needed a transcription partner with the same focus.

"We found GoTranscript via the internet, and we've been a faithful client for over five years," says Echo Zhang, Project Manager at Boffin Language Group. "We've been delighted with the services provided by GoTranscript. Their rapid delivery and high-quality services helped us a lot in ensuring a smooth workflow and improving client satisfaction."
Use GoTranscript's team of industry experts to produce accurate transcripts and captions focused on quality and quick turnaround time.
In most cases, the localization process starts with transcription and captioning, depending on the type of content. GoTranscript knows how important providing accurate transcripts and captions is for each client, especially those focused on publicly available content. With this in mind, GoTranscript has put together a global talent pool that ensures every order gets processed by team members with the highest level of experience and expertise. Each transcription and captioning order goes through a strict quality control process to ensure the highest possible accuracy and quality.

"GoTranscript transcribes our content accurately and efficiently. Relying on them allows us to save time and speed up our process by nearly 50%," said Echo Zhang. "We mostly deal with marketing materials and e-learning courses, which are way more efficient when adequately localized."
Thanks to GoTranscript's streamlined all-in-one transcription service, Boffin can speed up internal workflows without compromising quality.
"We mostly request transcription and caption services from GoTranscript. The volume fluctuates, but so far, we've ordered about 20,000 words for transcription in 2022," said Echo Zhang. "Their services help us ensure our clients achieve their goals. That way, we can attract more clients and spread the company's information worldwide. More importantly, thanks to fast and high-quality service, GoTranscript helps us meet our clients' requirements in the most efficient way possible."