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Translation & Localization Company
Translation & Localization Company
How a Translation & Localization Company Used GoTranscript's Services to Offer Lower Prices and Retain Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's impeccable transcription and captioning services, the company was able to lower their prices, which in turn helped them offer a better service, please the existing clients, and get new ones.
Translation & Localization Company
The company provides translation, interpretation, and localization services to clients across the world. It is focused on constantly delivering quality services and is recognized as one of the leading language service providers in the United States. Their objective is to get their clients' message across with a focus on quality and preserving all cultural nuances.
Transcribe and caption materials from different industries (mostly education) to keep the pricing low without compromising quality
Transforming audio and video into transcripts and captions is crucial in today's business world. From advertising and e-learning to websites and even video games, no business can afford to ignore localization and the benefits it provides. As different types of content transcend borders and language barriers, the importance of adequate localization will only grow.

"We discovered GoTranscript through a referral," says Josh K, Director of Operations. "We previously used ASR tools and that didn't work for us. We often had to run QA checks, which took time and resources. GoTranscript helps us avoid this and streamline the process, offering a great service at a great price for our clients."
Use GoTranscript's experts to provide high-quality transcripts and captions for clients in different industries with different types of content.
Delivering results as fast as possible without compromising quality is very important in the digital world. GoTranscript understands this and only works with tried and true experts from all over the world to ensure flawless quality for every single order regardless of the deadline.

GoTranscript achieves its famed 99% accuracy by assigning every task to a transcriber with the right background. After they're done, the work goes through rigorous editing and proofreading. This formula is the same for transcripts, captions, subtitles, and translations, regardless of the source and target language.
The company was able to offer lower prices without compromising quality, which significantly helped client retention and acquisition.
"In most cases, our clients need SRT files for their videos," says Josh K. "We mostly deal with educational content, but we often make orders for clients from other industries. Transcripts and captions we get from GoTranscript enable us to provide a full service for our clients at great prices without any extra work on our end. This helps us keep our existing clients happy and earn the trust of any new clients we get."

While they couldn't comment on order quantity, since it depends on the clients and their workload, the company is looking forward to cooperating with GoTranscript in the coming years to everyone's satisfaction.