Case Study
How Used GoTranscript's API to Automate the Ordering Process and Fast Turnaround Times to Offer a Seamless Experience for Their Clients
Thanks to GoTranscript's API and fast turnaround times, managed to provide a premium experience for their clients and take their service to the next level.
Client is a next-gen influencer marketing platform. They use visual storytelling to drive conversation and accelerate the transition from social content to sales. This performance-based platform provides authentic messaging to help consumers find the products and services they're interested in.
Transcribe conference calls with clients for quick summaries production and approval
Captions have always been important. With the recent rising popularity of video due to technological changes, they're more pertinent than ever. The primary value of captioning is its ability to make video more accessible to everyone. As video popularity keeps growing, video creators from different industries have to keep captioning in mind and the benefits it provides in different industries.

"We found GoTranscript through a New York Times link and our cooperation has been great," says Bill H, co-founder of "We're doing everything automatically through the API for a completely seamless process. Our prior transcription service turnaround was 72 hours or longer. GoTranscript's 24-hour turnaround allows us to provide transcripts for our clients quickly, so they can view videos with completed captions."
Use the API to provide to automatize ordering and delivery procedure without compromising the process and the quality of delivered captions.
In the fast-evolving marketing world, speed and accuracy are equally important. GoTranscript understands this and offers a powerful API for clients who want to automatize their orders and the delivery process. For, this means adding captions to their content seamlessly.

With an equal emphasis on quality, GoTranscript assigns every single task to transcribers with a background in marketing along with seasoned editors and proofreaders. The recipe is the same for different languages and translation as it's the only way to ensure each caption is flawless.
Results managed to provide added value to their clients as an investment in future global growth via word-of-mouth marketing.
"Transcriptions and translations allow us to do several things, including providing a premium, seamless experience for our client when they're approving the commissioned content," says Bill H. "This allows legal teams to speed up their reviews and it also helps our clients discover content in our library that might support use cases beyond the ones they originally contemplated." also believes satisfied customers make a great marketing tool. Bill H. also added, "While our use cases primarily focus on existing users, our service primarily expands via word of mouth. By partnering with GoTranscript, we are providing a truly premium, unexpected level of support for our clients. We hope they then adopt us for additional use cases and we count on them to spread the good word about our service internally and beyond."

In 2020, captioned 6,000 minutes of video content. They're looking forward to offering services in other languages with GoTranscript to help expand their business globally.
Bill H. co-founder