Case Study

How EngagedMD Uses GoTranscript's Services to Enhance Efficiency and Improve its Services
With GoTranscript's high-quality captioning and subtitling services and quick turnarounds, EngagedMD can speed up internal processes, save time, and increase content value.
EngagedMD is a software solution company for modern fertility practice. Since 2014, the team at EngagedMD has been creating educational video modules for clinics. These videos are assigned to patients worldwide so they can learn asynchronously. This approach makes subsequent consultations more efficient, resulting in a better patient experience and better use of clinic resources.
Find a fast and reliable captioning and subtitling service with the right talent to handle video content and optimize workflow.
The language barrier is a significant challenge in healthcare, particularly with patient education. Inaccurate translations, captions, and subtitles can cause a breakdown in communication and understanding between a healthcare provider and patients. This can lead to serious health risks, missed diagnoses, and even inappropriate treatment.

The only way to ensure that the intended meaning of medical instructions and information gets accurately conveyed to patients is with a reliable localization partner that can adequately handle all translation, captioning, and subtitling tasks.

EngagedMD needed a reliable service to handle these tasks for their educational videos and decided to give GoTranscript a shot. "Our team has been using GoTranscript for years," says Ed Albright, Digital Asset Specialist at EngagedMD. "The things we appreciate the most are the quick turnaround and features that align with our needs."
Use GoTranscript as an all-in-one solution for accurate transcripts, captions, and subtitles with a focus on accuracy and quick turnaround time.
When it comes to health-related content and patient care, word-for-word translation is just not enough. There are many things to consider, including cultural nuances and sensitivities. To ensure the best results, GoTranscript only uses certified medical translation experts for this type of content. On top of that, all services include a rigorous error-checking process to provide flawless transcripts, captions, and subtitles.

"We create videos for clinics that cater to a wide range of patients," says Mr. Albright. "so we always use closed captions, as well as subtitles and transcripts as needed. Since using GoTranscript, we really haven't considered another vendor because GoTranscript does what we need it to."
Thanks to GoTranscript's streamlined services, EngagedMD can save time and focus on creating content for patients everywhere.
"We appreciate being able to rely on a single service for closed captions, subtitles, and transcripts with high accuracy and great turnaround time," says Mr. Albright. "The faster we get our documents back, the faster we can publish our content. We constantly get projects with quick turnaround times, so we need a service that can keep up with us."

Although EngagedMD's content needs vary, the company plans to remain a regular client. Mr. Albright also stated he looks forward to working together with GoTranscript to provide accessible and comprehensive content for patients worldwide.
Ed Albright
Digital Asset Specialist
Website: EngagedMD