Case Study

Healthcare Education Company*
Healthcare Education Company*
How a Healthcare Education Company Used Gotranscript's State-of-the-Art Transcription Platform to Boost Their Content Value
By using GoTranscript's innovative transcription services, the company made its content easily accessible to existing and new clients while meeting necessary accessibility standards.
Healthcare Education Company*
The company provides webinars for their customers.
*The information has been anonymized as requested by the client
Boost content value and make it more accessible to existing and new clients.
Accessibility is a crucial component of effective learning. While video content is incredibly efficient and convenient, text ensures the data is presented accurately and helps to adopt knowledge in a way that feels more comfortable for the reader. It enables them to control the pace of learning. Besides, it's incredibly effective for people who are not native speakers or suffer from hearing impairments.

"We found GoTranscript through Google," says Sharon D. "We initially placed transcription and caption orders with several companies and compared the end results. The format that GoTranscript provided was by far the most suitable for our needs. The transcripts and captions we got were provided in a visually pleasing format and were incredibly easy to review and edit."
The right expertise and a rigorous four-step process for flawless results.
Understanding the value of accurate transcripts and captions, GoTranscript assigned this task to top-notch talent with the right skills to ensure its world-famous 99% accuracy. Transcribing academic content without adequate expertise usually leads to errors and inaccurate results. With reputable academic in-house transcribers, editors, and proofreaders, GoTranscript managed to save time for the company.
The company started offering transcriptions and captions for every webinar.
"GoTranscript meets our current needs to offer transcripts and captions to our customers while meeting all necessary accessibility standards," says Sharon D. "Before we started using GoTranscript, we didn't provide text content with all our materials. GoTranscript definitely saves time because we only need to focus on proofreading."

After completing their test orders, the company decided to rely on GoTranscript for all their transcription and captioning needs in the future, which is approximately 3,000 minutes per year.