Case Study

How the International Social Security Agency (ISSA) Used GoTranscript's Subtitling and Translation Services to Save Time and Money While Educating Members Worldwide
Thanks to GoTranscript's incredible global talent pool, ISSA managed to establish better communication with the existing members and reach out to new ones.
International Social Security Association (ISSA)
ISSA is the world's leading international organization for social security institutions, government departments, and agencies. They promote excellence in social security administration through professional guidelines, expertise, services, and support. This enables ISSA's members to develop dynamic social security systems and policies all over the world.
Use subtitles as an affordable way to make content easier to understand for current and potential new members.
Language barriers can be a massive challenge for any organization that works on a global level. To make sure nothing gets lost in translation, an organization needs to deal with this barrier. The main advantage of subtitles in different languages is exactly that – ensuring everyone understands the content without any problems. With the rising popularity of video, global organizations can't ignore localization and its benefits for different industries.

"International Labour Organization (ILO) recommended GoTranscript to us based on their positive experiences," says Graham Minton, Director of Member Services & Promotion. "Our experience has been great so far. The platform is very easy to use and the turnaround times are incredibly fast."
Use the global talent pool of seasoned translators and captioners to provide accurate translations and high-quality subtitles.
The modern world is smaller than ever, and clear communication is often impossible without reliable translation. GoTranscript understands the importance of accuracy in situations like this and offers a unified service that combines translation and subtitling or captioning as needed. For ISSA, this offers a cost-effective way to promote their content.

To ensure maximum quality, GoTranscript assigns these tasks to native speakers for every language pair. Understanding the intricacies of language is crucial for producing the best outcome, so captioning and subtitling follow the same principle. This way, GoTranscript makes sure every order falls into the right hands.
ISSA managed to provide added value for their existing members as well as reach out to potential new members by ensuring their content is available without language barriers.
"GoTranscript helps us present our videos in more languages than we'd be able to if we used voice-overs. It's also a more affordable alternative," says Graham Minton. "This helps us promote what we do to our members and reach new potential members at the same time."

After trying out the service, ISSA decided to become a long-term client of GoTranscript. Although the scope of work is unclear at the moment, they're looking forward to providing localized content and growing their international member base.
Graham Minton
Director of Member Services & Promotion, ISSA
Website: International Social Security Association