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Dissertation transcription

A dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic or professional degree. Initial preparation for a dissertation usually has two parts: research and analysis. Students collect their data using peer-reviewed papers, academic literature, audio recordings, interviews, podcasts, lectures, seminars, etc. Once the research is done, all the recorded or audio material needs to be transcribed into an accurate text, as per university specifications. This is known as dissertation transcription.

Many students try to prepare the dissertation transcriptions on their own and simply fail. Here are the reasons why it is smarter to hire a professional dissertation transcription services:

  • Transcribing is exhausting and time consuming. It takes approximately 10 hours for an amateur to transcribe 60 minutes of audio because they lack the practice, the typing speed and the necessary hardware and software. Professionals who transcribe everyday are much more productive.
  • Spending time on transcribing means there is less time for summarizing data and writing the dissertation text itself. Additionally, it is more challenging to engage the creative process if one is tired from the labor of the boring transcription process. Quality dissertation transcriptions have to be accurately typed without any grammatical mistakes. Professional editors carefully proofread the transcribed data and make sure it is grammatically correct.

Forget about sleepless nights and tight schedules. Spend your studying time in a more scientific way than transcribing. In other words, do your best at studying and leave the rest for us. Upload your files here and choose your turn-around time. We assure you that you will be delighted with our professional service.